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Nutritional Support

v During 2012, 151 boys and girls were served, thus keeping about the same number of children helped from the previous year.

v Throughout the year, several desertions from boys and girls were presented for diverse reasons, mainly due to the transfer of their families to other neighborhoods, nevertheless and despite this, the open spots were again quickly assigned, once the withdrawal of the boy or girl was definitely confirmed.

v In 2012 the WFP (World Food Program) cancelled the operations in Bogota. Since the Foundation did not receive the bimonthly remittances, this resulted in the inflation of the costs of the children’s nutritional assistance, without affecting, of course, the quality in the service. It only involved a different organization in the food attainment.

v We continued managing the daily menus that guarantee a proper nutritional balance suitable for the children’s physical development. We continued with the same diet diagram: breakfast, 9:00 am snack, lunch, and 11:00 am snack.

v Throughout the year, the Foundation continued counting on the collaboration of some donors who support our work to provide animal protein (chicken, eggs, dairy products, beef, and tuna fish). We received non-perishable food from Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra, as a result from the “March for a Pound of Food.” During 2012 we continued providing milk every week, and eggs three times a week to all the children.

v Dr. Cecilia Helena Montoya, our nutritionist, continued making assessment visits once a month by helping and monitoring those chronic undernourishment cases of boys and girls who were admitted to the Foundation. The teachers, who continued taking the quarterly control of their size and weight, support this work. The children this year show, as in the previous years, increasing curves in their development. In the same way, Dr. Montoya developed a nutritional table for each child of the Foundation, which allows evidencing their growth progress.

v Several visits from Hospital de Vista Hermosa took place to verify that the sanitary conditions were in good standing, to which we were approved.

v We continued to have the sponsorship of Sabores Siboney as a monthly donor of 40 kilos of fruit pulp.

v We took special care about the food’s expiration date, its organization, and location in the pantry.

v In 2012, we made progress in the expansion of the kitchen and dining room, pending only the placing of the interior tiles. During the midyear recess, we will continue with the repairs and the painting of the Foundation’s façade. 


Comprehensive Assistance


v Vaccination campaigns continued with Hospital de Vista Hermosa, and the work with the parents in the community increased to be on the alert for the vaccination schedule of their children, since the parents’ signature of informed consent is required in their registration card. As we have done in previous years during the registration process, we require a current copy of their immunization ID card, so that the Foundation can maintain control, and we co-worked with the hospital on this health issue.

v We continued to have the medical and dental support visits from Hospital de Vista Hermosa, who this year did two working days of oral hygiene for the children. Cigarra provided toothbrushes and toothpaste to all the children and we continued to enforce tooth brushing twice a day.

v We continued to reinforce the hand wash habit to the children before eating and after using the bathroom.

v Kennedy Hospital became partners with Cigarra and requested us to collaborate in the development of a prenatal care project with pregnant teenagers.

v The Psycho-social Department of Hospital de Vista Hermosa also supported the Foundation with workshops directed to our Foundation employees with mental health issues.

v In September we hired a new psychologist with subsequent changes in our outreach methods.


v This year we hired five new teachers, two with a standard certificate for San Jorge’s Room; two for the Walking Babies Room, and one for the Pre-Kinder Garden Room, who are Pre-school certified. As we have done it in the previous years, we procure hiring professional teaching staff as much as possible in order to comply with the current Law requirements.

v Cigarra continued using the pedagogical focus of Meaningful Learning and the teaching of affection for a healthy child development, complemented with the Piaget and Vigotsky pedagogical approach. In this sense, we continued with the teacher training processes by having educational workshops and activities with the Foundation employees on the last Friday of each month.

v During the year, we also provided prevention workshops about psychoactive substances consumption in the school field, mental health, recycling, appropriate separation of solid waste, Jacques Lacan approach in education, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), assertive communication, and conflict resolution among others.

v The Foundation’s work was reinforced with Cultural, educational, and recreational field trips to places such as the Simon Bolivar Park, Centro Mayor Cinemas, Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra, Tabacal Lagoon (La Vega) among others.

v Cigarra continued attaining books and teaching materials for each room.

v This year a computer course was taught to the children of San Jorge Room to reinforce their knowledge on this subject.

v Educational bimonthly meetings of Cigarra's working team were conducted with the purpose of assessing the children’s progress and to also do a corresponding follow-up of those difficult cases.

v Cigarra received the visit of several Psychology and Preschool Education student groups from the INCCA University of Colombia to have the possibility of interacting with the children and to directly experience the difficulties of life conditions in the children’s community.

v We continue working hard through the arts to reinforce the moral values and positive principles for our children. The children made handicrafts with foam and other materials.

v Cigarra continued working with children, parents and teachers in promoting its main institutional values of preventing sexual abuse and child abuse.



v In order to maintain a “Healthy School,” Cigarra continued promoting games as an important educational and formative tool for the children. The park and the open field spaces are essential for the optimal physical and emotional development of our children, since they can run, jump, play, burn energy, and practice soccer and basketball.

v Cigarra conducted periodic Parents Meetings, not only to update them on their children's progress and difficulties, but also to inform them about balanced nutrition, assertive communication, self-esteem, prevention of sexual abuse and child abuse (considered as social intolerant behavior).

v Cigarra continued promoting amongst its teachers the importance of good interpersonal skills and the loving relationship with the children, the reinforcing of self-esteem and the good and open communication with the parents.

v In April, Cigarra celebrated Childhood Day, and in October, Child’s Day with a special lunch, recreational activities and gifts.

v A recycling project was executed with the children of San Jorge Room by having the children use the empty plastic bottles filled with edible products packages to create park seats.

v In December, the Foundation decorated its buildings and Christmas tree, and created the Manger.

·      Our children participated in the Christmas Party organized by Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra and received gifts. December was special, because there was an abundance of gifts and Christmas activities organized by several friends of Cigarra.

·      Luz Helena Velez y Gustavo Urrego organized a program named “Make an Angel happy this Christmas,” offered a special breakfast, and donated gifts to each child.

·      FEMPRO (Profamily Employees Fund) chose the Foundation to donate gifts to children ages 2 to 3.

·      The Colegio Jaime Quijano Caballero 9th grade students donated gifts to all the children of Cigarra.

·      Stanton Shoes donated new shoes to each child of Cigarra.

v Throughout the year, Cigarra received important donations in money, clothing, games, books, teaching materials, and food.


Quality of Life

v Cigarra hired a General Maintenance and Services person to be in charge of local repairs, take care of the premises, maintain and water the garden as well as planting trees and ornamental bushes.

v A course on Baking and Confectionery was taught to the community. Approximately 20 people participated and were certified by San Felipe Neri Foundation once they completed all the hours required.

v During the year, Cigarra conducted 10 Community Wardrobe and Furniture Sale (one per month) with donated clothes, basic home furnishings, and furniture in excellent condition for our neighborhood community to acquire them at low cost.

v We continued offering the parents to pay their children’s low monthly fees with monthly work in our Foundation.

v Cigarra continued working together with the Community Action Council in the legalization process of the neighborhood Puertas del Paraíso (Paradise Gates).

v The Foundation psychologist continued assisting children's cases as well as families and couples or whoever was in need. In addition, the psychologist worked also with the teachers and offered guidelines for the management of difficult cases in the classroom.

v As part of the healthy work environment, Cigarra took two field trips with all the working team to Piscilago in June, and to Tocaima in December. Also, at the end of the year a special Christmas lunch was offered.

v This year, Cigarra's Foundation Emergency Plan was submitted before the Defence, Prevention and Disaster Mitigation Fund of Bogota (FOPAE), and we worked training the children for emergency evacuation.

v In June, Cigarra officially published the Internal Company Policy, which was given to each employee, and which was established through an Agreement of the Coexistence Labor Committee.

v This year, Cigarra Foundation celebrated its 10th Anniversary with several special activities.

·      Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra inaugurated its program: “In Memory of a Loved One” which consisted in donating money to the Foundation when a close relative of the school dies.

·      Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra also organized a raffle on the occasion of Cigarra’s anniversary.

·      In September, Cigarra organized a bingo bazaar, which took place in the Foundation premises, to which many people from the community and friends attended. Most of the prizes given were donated.

v In June, an American youth group, whose parents donated the money for the children’s park, visited the Foundation. They interacted with the children and saw the neighborhood poverty conditions.

v In February, as every year, Cigarra participated in the bazaar organized by Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra.

v In June, Cigarra launched the “Façade Contest” whose objective was to motivate the Community to fix the front of their houses and to clean the public spaces. Ten houses registered and the prizes were awarded in December.



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