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 Nutritional Support

ñ During 2010, 151 boys and girls were served, thus keeping about the same number of children helped from the previous year.

ñ Throughout the year, several desertions from boys and girls were presented for diverse reasons, mainly due to their transfer to another neighborhood. Once the child's complete withdrawal from the program was confirmed, another child on the waiting list was accepted immediately.

ñ In January 2010, the World Food Program data was updated and their support was again negotiated and achieved to receive a quarterly delivery of large sacks of lentils, wheat flour, Bienestarina (nourishment containing cereals, vegetable protein and vitamins), sugar, oil and brown sugarloaf. Other times, Cigarra receives peas or beans, instead of lentils.

ñ During the year, Cigarra received from some faithful donors: chicken, eggs, dairy products, meat and tuna fish.

ñ Children were also nourished with milk daily.

ñ Dr. Cecilia Helena Montoya, our nutritionist, continued to give assessment throughout the year by helping and monitoring several cases of children who arrived undernourished. She also developed a nutritional table for each child of the Foundation, which allows us to see the progress in their development. The teachers support this work by keeping a quarterly control of their weight and size.

ñ Sabores Siboney continues as a sponsor by monthly donating 40 kilos of fruit pulp.

ñ Ponques ­Cascabel donated weekly cakes, pies and bakery products.

ñ During the year, Cigarra received several donations of cookies and crackers, juice, candy, and lollipops from different donors.

ñ Several groups of Psychology students from the INCCA University of Colombia organized special breakfasts and lunches for the children several times, which included recreational activities.

ñ A new bursar was hired for the kitchen's work.

ñ In March a nutritional workshop with Dr. Cecilia Helena Montoya took place.

ñ Cigarra participated in the certification process for Sanitary Regulations and the Food Manipulation Good Practices by attending the course organized by Jorge ­Tadeo Lozano University, and as a result we did several improvements in the kitchen and the pantry.

ñ The Basic Reorganization and Cleaning Plan ­of the Foundation was implemented and reinforced.

ñ  In September, Cigarra attended the Food Manipulation course with Hospital de Vista Hermosa


Integrated Assistance


ñ Vaccination campaigns continued with Hospital de Vista Hermosa, and the work with the parents in the community increased to be on the alert for the vaccination schedule of their children, as it is required for their registration, and for the Foundation to maintain control.

ñ Cigarra continued to have the medical support visits from Hospital de Vista Hermosa, who conducted several Dental Hygiene and Dental work to help our children.

ñ Several outbreaks of gastroenteritis, chickenpox and mumps were reported, and the local Health Department helped in the control.

ñ Cigarra provided toothpaste and toothbrushes to the children and continued with the cleaning campaign twice a day while children attended our Foundation.



ñ Two more teachers were hired: 1 for the “Salacuna Room,” a Preschool Technician; the other one license in Early Childhood Education for “Fruticas Room.”

ñ Cigarra procured to hire professionals in the education field to comply with the current Law requirements.

ñ This year two of our teachers graduated with a Bachelor in Spanish.

ñ In the middle of the year, Cigarra had to replace a teacher for the “Salacuna Room,” and hired a new Early Childhood Education Teacher.

ñ In September, Cigarra hired a new Psychologist.

ñ Cigarra continued using the pedagogical focus of Meaningful Learning and the teaching of affection for healthy child development. 

ñ Cultural and recreational field trips wee reinforced in the children's learning, and such trips included: Simon Bolivar Park, El Tunal Library, Plaza las Americas, Museo del Mar, and Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra.

ñ Cigarra continued attaining books and teaching materials for each room.

ñ With donations received from previous years, we began organizing our library, which has encyclopedias, textbooks, dictionaries, short stories, etc.

ñ We began organizing the Computer Program Room with 34 computers with a Linux system for the children to learn how to navigate the Internet.

ñ Educational monthly meetings of Cigarra's working team were conducted in order to review the Educational Program for each grade, the children's progress and follow-up on the difficult cases.

ñ Cigarra received the visit of 16 Psychology and Early Childhood Education student groups from the INCCA University of Colombia to interact with the children and directly experience the difficulties of life conditions in the community.

ñ Cigarra continued reinforcing the educational learning and values through music and theater with the older children.

ñ Cigarra continued working with children, parents and teachers in promoting its main institutional values of preventing sexual abuse and child abuse.



ñ We continued using games as an important educational and formative tool for the children.

ñ Cigarra completed the construction of a game field, thanks to a donation for the recreation of our children and to maintain a “Healthy School.”

ñ Cigarra conducted quarterly Parents Meetings to update them on their children's progress, difficulties, balanced nutrition, assertive communication, self-esteem, prevention of sexual abuse and child abuse.

ñ Cigarra continued promoting amongst its teachers the importance of good interpersonal skills and the loving relationship with the children, the reinforcing of self-esteem and the good and open communication with the parents.

ñ In April, Cigarra celebrated Childhood Day, and in October, Child's Day with a special lunch, recreational activities and gifts.

ñ In December, the Foundation decorated its buildings and Christmas tree, and created the Manger. Our children participated in the Christmas Party organized by Colegio San Jorge de Inglaterra and other friends of Cigarra and received gifts. 

Quality of Life

ñ The Foundation remodeled the house called “Cigarrita,” where the Computing Room Program began functioning.

ñ The Community Action Council invited Cigarra to attended three meetings last year to analyze the process of legalization of the neighborhood Puertas del Paraíso (Paradise Gates)

ñ This year Cigarra began the Bakery Project with the economic contribution from a British Institution and with the technical and educational support from the San Felipe Neri Foundation. In this project 30 people participated and 20 of them received their certification in December.

ñ Cigarra organized a teaching project for Computing and Information Technology to the community, where 30 people participated and received their first level certification in December.

ñ During the year, Cigarra conducted 10 Community Wardrobe and Furniture Sale (one per month) with donated clothes and furniture in excellent condition for our neighborhood community to acquire them at low cost.

ñ Many mothers paid their children low monthly fees with monthly work in our Foundation.

ñ The Foundation psychologist continued assisting children's cases as well as families and couples or whoever was in need.

ñ Cigarra organized 2 Health Working field trips to Villavicencio and Choachí with all its employees.

ñ In December, Cigarra had a special Christmas lunch with all its employees.

ñ This year, Cigarra employees attended a conference on Emergency Prevention and Care, and began working on a Contingency Plan.

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